SportsEngine Registration: Jackson Baseball

Community Baseball Coaching Application - 2019




The 2019 registration is a two step process:


Step one is the application on the Jackson Baseball Website.

Step two is the Background Check. Once step one is completed you will be provided a link to complete the background check through a third party. State law requires the background check for all adults who will be coaching or assisting either in practice or during games. 


During the registration you will be asked to attach your concussion training certificate and confirm your completion of Lindsay's Law Training. You will be required to confirm you have completed both during the application process.

If you have not taken the concussion training class, or it has expired (3 years) please visit one of these sites to take the course prior to registering. (You will be required to upload your certificate during the application process)

the following are links to concussion training


Lindsay's Law Training requires completion of the following: (both the video and pdf must be viewed)

Please watch the Lindsay's Law video via the link below

Please read the following PDF


Jackson Baseball is a mandatory reporter of Abuse. The information is included in the coaching application.


Please review the 2019 Jackson Baseball Community Handbook. League rules, Draft Procedures, and General Rules have all been updated.



Once everything above is complete click the button below to continue. 


Please direct questions to:

Director of Jackson Community Baseball

Kody Gonzalez